"Oh s**t, I forgot the domain"... no more! :) helps you by reminding you when domains and certificates are expiring.

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dealing with domains...

is really boring, sometimes.

So, I developed to track all my domains expiration dates. Let's see how it works.

1. Add your domains

Just add the domain, and choose to receive an alert before the domain or certificate expiration. Or maybe both.

2. Time to renew!

When the domain expiration date (or the certificate expiration one) is approaching, we send you an email notification.

Domain availability monitor

What if one of the domains you like is not free? Add it to our alerts system, so we can let you know when it's available again!

More channels soon!

Slack, Telegram, Whatsapp, carrier pigeons? We are going to release new notification channels very soon. Stay tuned.

What? Are you lazy?

Welcome to the club. is able to import domains from


Simple no-tricks pricing

I am releasing this app for free for the moment, as I needed it to solve a problem :)

Free Membership


What's included

  • Domains expiration monitoring

  • Certificates expiration monitoring

  • Available domains monitoring tool

  • My infinite gratitude

Pay never, use it for free

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Meet our team!

As you can see, our company is full of awesome people. That's why we're not hiring right now.

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